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Hi Neil
I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I wonder if you could give me a bit more of an idea what the ‘something of interest’ might be. Thanks so much. Susan

Hi Susan, really disappointed that I missed the Jan open nights, will there be any other opportunity to audition for your choir this year?. Thank you.

Dear Jennifer
Just to let you know that we’ll be having a couple of open sessions at the beginning of term in September. I could pop you on the mailing list to keep you update if you’d like. Let me know – we will take you off again if you change your mind or decide not to sign up!

Best wishes

Hi Susan, I would like to come to your rehearsals. Are they still on Mondays, and at what time? I have been singing in the Bantry Community Choir (alto) for about two years, and I would like to sing more classical music. I love Bach. Hope to hear from you! Thank you!

Dear Annette,
Thank you for your enquiry – I’m just sorry it’s taken quite a while to reply! We’ve actually just finished our summer term and are on a break until September. We still rehearse on Mondays at St Matt’s Hall at Church Cross near Skibbereen from 7.45 to 9.30. In the autumn we will be starting to learn a Baroque opera called Dido and Aeneas – lot’s of lovely choruses for choir. You’re welcome to join us for a couple of weeks to see if you enjoy singing with us and then we usually come and have a chat with new comers to see how you are getting along (no formal audition!) If you’re happy I could pop you on our choir mailing list and you’ll get all the latest updates. If you change your mind then we’ll take you off again. Once you sign up we ask members for a €50 a term fee but we also run a bursary scheme as we don’t like to turn people away on the grounds of affordability.

Hope to meet you in September,
Let me know about the mailing list,
and I love Bach too – if we can raise enough money I’d love to put on the Bach Magnificat one day!

Musical Director.

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