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A Little Summer Music on Sherkin

Our visit to Sherkin Island, 18th June 2023

Ferry my piano and carry me over to Sherkin

PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-33-21 3
PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-33-21 2
PHOTO-2023-06-18-22-27-44 5

Dress rehearsal

PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-32-17 2
PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-32-17 3
PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-33-21 6

Soup Songs and Sandwiches at the Jolly Roger

PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-33-21 4

Concert at St Mona’s Church

PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-33-22 3
PHOTO-2023-06-19-14-32-18 2
PHOTO-2023-06-18-22-27-44 4
PHOTO-2023-06-18-22-27-44 3

The journey home

Many thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make it a wonderful day.  Thank you to the photographers for helping us record the day.  These events are always very much a team effort.  A special thank you to the solo performers and accompanists; Lyubov Parkomenko, Olivia Killeen, Kevin Kearney, Alfie Kennedy, Michael Martioli, Noel Burke, Uwe Hage, Nuala Gibbons, Peter O’Rourke and Kevin Lewis.

Details of the programme can be found on our past events page.

Also thanks to Cork County Council for their helpful grant towards the costs of this project.

And thanks for the presence and the kind comments from our audience:

“Your concert was the highlight of my visit from the US”

“The concert was a triumph!”

“The evening was a truly memorable experience, thank you.”

“You did a superb job. Congratulations”

“I thought it was an altogether amazing concert”

“It was an absolute fabulous evening of music!”

“The concert on Sherkin was breath-taking. I know it took so much hard work but let me tell you, it felt like a privilege to be there”

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