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A full house triumph!

A huge vote of thanks to everyone who helped us achieve our impossible dream of bringing Dido and Aeneas and a full caste of attendants, handmaids, sailors, cupids witches, elves and a sorcerer to Skibbereen Town Hall on April 28th.  We were a little anxious about whether the public would be interested in our project but we were, in fact, sold out a week before the performance.  The audience were amazing and gave a rousing standing ovation to show their appreciation and enjoyment.  One audience member commented that;

‘I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! I thought I had no interest in opera but I was moved to all spectrums of the emotional scale. Laughing at the cherubs and witches, who were fabulous, to crying at the end.  I am in awe of you all!’

We also had a visit from local artist Michael Wright, who made a wonderful and dynamic sketch of our dress rehearsal.

As a picture speaks a thousand words I’m going to share a gallery of pictures taken by our friends on the day.

Getting ready

In the palace

In the cave



In the grove



On the dockside


The plotters return


In the palace


The end


‘It’s a triumph. You’ve won me over the Purcell!’

‘I really enjoyed the performance last night. Congratulations.’

‘Huge congratulations on all your hard work, it was a massive undertaking and a great project to be involved in.’

‘Congratulations on a wonderful performance. Such a great achievement for all concerned.’

‘Congratulations on a great show. Please pass on my appreciation to all involved.’

‘Congratulations for a fantastic musical endeavour. Kudos to all involved. You should be so proud’.

‘What a wonderful evening. The choir did you proud. Dido was magnificent and the witches got into my dreams!’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did (the rest) of a very apreciatve audience.’

‘I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed singing  with you, the choir and the ensemble. It was a really special project which culminated in a gorgeous performance of the opera.  Congratulations – I totally appreciate the amount of work for everyone involved over many months and it was a pleasure to join you for final rehearsals and performance.’

‘Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to all of the choir- they were so welcoming, the atmosphere was really lovely throughout the weekend and they sounded fantastic!’

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